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We are available for pre-booked, non-emergency transportation of pets.  The reason for transportation can be varied, and not just for veterinary purposes.  We are able to provide a local pet taxi service (Surrey only) and long-distance transportation. We are able to act as a chaperone for your pet at their routine vet/grooming appointment.  A wait-and-return service can be provided upon request.

Any species of pet can be accommodated in our secure vehicle.  We regularly transport cats and dogs, but have also carried rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, reptiles and tortoises. 

The pet owner can accompany their pet on any journey.  However, if the pet is being dropped off at their destination, the pet owner will need to make their own arrangements to return as we do not operate as a regular/human taxi service.

We hold a Type 1 Animal Transporter Authorisation from DEFRA. The vehicle is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly after each journey using a high-grade, DEFRA-approved disinfectant. There is an internal camera installed so that the patient can be visually monitored throughout the journey. Our vehicle is maintained to the highest standards and we use up-to-date GPS technology to ensure we reach our destination in the quickest time possible.

Quotes are provided on an individual basis, factoring in service requested, distance, duration, day and time of day.

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