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Our vehicle is registered with the DVLA as a Veterinary Ambulance and we are regulated by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) for the Transportation and Handling of Animal By-Products (cadavers/deceased pets). 

Post-Mortem Transport

This service is available for Veterinary Practices who require transportation of a deceased patient (cadaver) to a Veterinary Pathology Unit for post-mortem investigation.  We regularly transport cadavers to The Royal Veterinary College Pathology Unit and The University of Surrey Veterinary Pathology Unit. This service can usually be provided for same day or next day transportation.

Home Collection Service

If your pet passes away at home, and you have no means of transporting them either to the vet or the crematorium, then we can do this for you.  This is simply a transportation service and perfect if you have made the necessary cremation/burial arrangements with the vets or pet crematorium. This service is particularly popular for large dog breeds, which can be difficult to lift and move.  We use a veterinary stretcher to transport our large patients with respect and dignity.

Pet Cremation Package

We know how devastating and distressing it is for the whole family when a beloved pet dies. It is an emotionally-challenging time.  We are able to offer an exclusive service which takes responsibility for ensuring your pet receives a dignified and respectful final journey.  We offer a bespoke, personal and caring service.

We will pick up and transport your pet exclusively from your home or the vets in our private Animal Ambulance and transport them directly to the Pet Crematorium.  We will make all necessary arrangements directly with the Pet Crematorium on your behalf and bring your pets individual cremains back to you in a scatter box or a wooden casket, within 48 hours.

We can also arrange a communal cremation for your pet, whereby no cremains are returned to you.

We regret that this service is not available evenings or weekends.

Please contact us for a quote.

After life Services
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