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Host a Pet First Aid Course – South East



The benefit of hosting a bespoke course means that the course can be tailored to the specific audience group and that the cost per person is much less than if they attended a public course.

The content is a combination of theory, practical and demonstration covering a total of 16 chapters of essential information.  You will learn how to administer CPR (on our state-of-the-art resus dog), how to recognise the signs of unconsciousness and shock, the technique of bandaging a limb and ear, and so many other topics including bleeding, fractures, heat stroke, poisoning, seizures, drowning, and bloat.

Our courses are run in association with Animal Academy and can be delivered 7 days a week, including evenings, anywhere in the South East of England (London, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire).

The cost is £250-£300 to deliver a course, for up to 12 people.  The cost depends on factors such as location, venue and day/time.

As the host, you can choose to manage the course in your own way.  You can choose to charge each delegate a higher rate than the basic cost to cover costs and bring in extra income for your business. Alternatively, the event could be used as a charity fundraising opportunity. For example, if the charge was £250 and you had 12 delegates attending, the basic rate for each delegate would be £20.80 per person.  A typical public course charges £50 per person, so you can choose to increase what you charge the delegates to say £35 each, meaning that you can earn £170.40 for hosting the course!

All you would need to do is to find up to 12 people who would like to attend the course and source a suitable venue. We provide our own AV equipment (laptop, screen and projector).

Here are just some of the organisations who have hosted one of our courses:

  • British Transport Police Dog Handlers

  • Merrist Wood College

  • Wimbledon Greyhound Rescue

  • Cirencester College

  • Paws-itivity (Horsham)

  • Acres4Dogs (Surrey)

  • Surrey Hills Luxury Dog Boarding

Contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements to host a course.

Email us at 


Or call 

07909 966892

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