Established in 2015, Duty of Care Pet Services UK, based in Surrey, has evolved into an established Professional Pet Care & Transportation company, and is one of the only Animal Ambulance services to carry oxygen, operating throughout London and the South East.

We provide emergency ambulance transportation and veterinary transfers, as well as a standard pet taxi service.  We are based in Surrey and can provide local and national transportation. Quotes are provided on an individual basis, factoring in service requested, distance, duration, day and time of day.

Experience & Networking

Emma Warren-Brown is the owner of Duty of Care Pet Services UK.

Emma started her career as a lecturer in 1999, specialising in Animal Science and Welfare, teaching future veterinary-professionals.  She taught a range of animal-related subjects and managed various programmes of study at both Nescot and Merrist Wood Colleges.  During her career in the Further Education sector, she took on several senior management roles.

Emma has conducted industry-updating at various establishments over the years, including RSPCA Rehoming Centre and Hospital, Veterinary Surgeries, Veterinary Laboratories, Dog Groomers, Dog Trainer and with Dr Roger Mugford at The Animal Behaviour Centre.

Her passion for promoting animal welfare in education is enhanced in her roles as the Former Training Director for the Hybrid Breeders Association, as an Education Volunteer for The Blue Cross, and as a National Standards Verifier for BTEC Animal Care courses.

AS FEATURED ON BBC RADIO LONDON 94.9 – Emma discussed the Pet Alert scheme and Pet First Aid Kits on the Barking Hour with Jo Good

AS SEEN ON TV – Emma featured on the popular Channel 4 Series It’s Me or The Dog. She was described as “Britain’s Leading Dog Intelligence Expert” and conducted fun intelligence tests on various dog breeds in several episodes!

Emma - It's Me Or The Dog
Joe Inglis - TV Vet
Noel Fitzpatrick - TV Supervet
Dr Roger Mugford - Dog Behaviourist
Dr Roger Mugford - Dog Behaviourist
Marc the Vet - Pup Aid
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